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The definition of 'motorcycle' is taken to include powered vehicles (manual or automatic) that require a licensed rider such as:

  • R-N for mopeds, motorcycles with a capacity of less than 50cc which are designed to do less than 60km/h
  • R-E for motorcycles or scooters with an engine capacity less than 660cc LAMS APPROVED
  • R for any motorcycle (unrestricted)

Motorcyclists are considered to be anyone riding one of these vehicles.




Our Piaggio 250cc offers all the comfort and ease of control necessary for urban traffic and takes the grind out of your daily commute. This is a great scooter to learn on for those progressing from the smaller models and wanting to gain their licence without having to ride a motorbike.
The features include:

  • Electric start
  • Twist-and-go automatic transmission
  • Large under-seat lockable storage space
  • Windshield for extra riding comfort
  • Front and rear disc brakes for strong, predictable and safe stopping in all conditions



Our Honda CBF 250 is a great learning bike for people of all heights and statues. It is a lightweight bike intended city driving. Its small size, excellent handling and relatively small engine make it an ideal learners bike.

Slim, agile, nippy etc… The Honda CBF250's bar/seat positioning, along with the taut chassis, low weight and sporty geometry make for light handling and good fun. The brakes are good and gearing’s slick and precise. Narrow width makes the Honda CBF250 great for learners.

The Honda CBF250 is a cracking little motorcycle, marketed towards – and perfect for – new bikers. Easy to ride, forgiving of little errors, with enough power to get you from A to B. Learners will love our Honda CBF250.


The Vmoto Monza makes a bold statement on the road.

Sporty styling and a zippy reed-valve 50cc engine, enough power to carry two people with ease.

Advanced features like remote alarm and front disk brake make the Monza great value, while the same easy-to-ride Vmoto features - electric start, V-Glide automatic transmission and adjustable rear suspension - make the Monza a dream to ride and learn on. Also available FOR SALE through KICKSTART.


This upright sport bike is an absolutely great commuter/kick-around/errand-running motorcycle that can be enjoyed by veterans and entry-level riders alike.

The Honda NC700 is an everyday practical, reliable, and fun bike that will satisfy a broad section of the riding population. Good-natured enough for novice riders, but with enough power and torque to satisfy a veteran interested in practicality over pure performance.


Perfect for learner riders, the CB125 is LAMS approved (learner approved). This is agreat bike to learn on.

A new addition to Honda’s popular entry level line-up, the CB125 is LAMS approved.

Front disc and rear drum brakes will offer first time riders’ confidence in braking at any speed while the low, comfortable seat creates a confident riding position for riders of all proportions.

Like all motorcycles in the Honda range, the CB125 is strong and dependable with easy handling making certain it is perfect for first time riders.