Motorcycle Training


How to Get Your Learner's Permit

The definition of 'motorcycle' is taken to include powered vehicles (manual or automatic) that require a licensed rider such as:

  • Apply at your local licensing centre, this could be the local shire offices, post office or police station. You will be charged a fee to cover the permit, the theory test and the practical test (payable separately). In Mandurah the Licensing Centre is on the corner of Ranceby Ave and Pinjarra Rd.

  • You will be required to provide proof of age identity and residency, if under 18, you must provide consent from your legal guardian.

  • You will be required to pass a theory test, you can practice by logging on to this will include extra questions aimed specifically at motorcyclists.

  • You will need to pass an eyesight test.

  • If you have any existing medical conditions you may be required to pass a medical examination.

Kickstart Motorcycle Training


If you already hold a current licence with a different category, you will only have to take the motorcycle specific questions.

For further information please contact our helpful staff at Kickstart Motorcycle Training School.